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At Broken Car Collection, we see your junk as our treasure, which is why we pay you a generous cash-in-hand amount when you call us for our FREE car body removal service in Brisbane.

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Cancelling your Vehicle's Registration

Used Car Disposal

Selling Used Car for Cash in Brisbane

Used Car Disposal

At cash for car Brisbane we promise to dispose of your End of life vehicle in an environmentally friendly way. All vehicles brought to our site are de-polluted to ensure the ELV is classified as non-hazardous waste. The ELV is then recycled back into the industry.

Please bring photo ID with your End of life vehicle when delivering to our site to ensure your vehicle is processed correctly. Brisbane wreckers work along with the TMR and notify them that your ELV is de-polluted and recycled every vehicle that comes to our site is issued with a Certificate of Destruction this is a TMR requirement. If any further information is required please call our friendly and helpful staff that will be happy to help.

When your car is beyond repair, the question many people ask is: what do I do with it? Many people simply don’t know what to do with an unwanted car. Whilst most people seek out how to dispose of their car in a safe and environmentally-conscious way, the actions of others has meant car disposal has posed a real problem.

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Figures from the TMR show that every year, approximately one million vehicles are taken off the road, yet only 50% of these cars are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. All cars sold to eco wreckers are disposed of legally to the highest environmental standards.

Environmentally Friendly Used Car Disposal

The legal Used Car Disposal process is fairly straightforward, as well as environmentally friendly. Under the Environment Agency Regulations, cars can no longer just be scrapped.They have to be de-polluted in accordance with Australia legislation, and 90% of car materials have to be recycled under the Australia End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling. The process of vehicle de-pollution involves two main functions; firstly the recovery of all components and fluids that can be recycled and re-used, and secondly the removal of all elements of a vehicle that are potentially harmful to the environment. All car disposals of cars donated to cash-for-car-Brisbane are handled at Authorized Treatment Facilities that recycle a minimum of 90% of the weight of the car.

If you’re worried about car disposal, look no further. Just give Used Car Disposal a call on 0451 770 088 and we will arrange for your car to be collected free of charge.


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Contact us  to get top cash for cars, vans, 4wd, Trucks…..and a free car removal service 0451 770 088

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