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At Broken Car Collection, we see your junk as our treasure, which is why we pay you a generous cash-in-hand amount when you call us for our FREE car body removal service in Brisbane.

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Cancelling your Vehicle's Registration

Sell Unwanted 4X4 for Cash Brisbane QLD

Damaged Hilux Pajero Bighorn Brisbane


Cash for 4WD Brisbane Used 4x4 Removal Brisbane

Cash for 4WD Brisbane has been in operation since 1995, and the company can supply a wide range of second-hand parts, new parts, and accessories for most popular makes and models of 4wd’s. When you call 4×4 Wreckers Brisbane you can be assured that you are receiving the highest standard of recycled parts, at a fraction of the new part price. Not to mention the wealth of knowledge that can only be achieved with over 20 years of experience in the industry…

There may be many reasons why you want to sell your car. The great news is there is a fast and efficient solution. Concentrating on the greater Brisbane area, Cash for 4WD Brisbane offers an instant valuation of your car within one minute.

4WD Wreckers Brisbane

The Cash for 4WD Brisbane team doesn’t stop there in making the quest for hassle-free car sales a reality. They’ll come to any location to pick up a vehicle being sold. Whether it’s your home or office there’s no worry about driving it to a lot and finding arrangements to get home. A crew will come out and tow it away for no charge as part of the selling process. And most times the final transaction will be completed there as well, getting cash into your hand immediately. No more waiting for checks to clear or papers to be filed. With 4WD Wreckers Brisbane you can go from owning a used car to having the top value in cash in your hand in one day.

Apart from how responsive we are at Cash for 4WD Brisbane, we have a lot more to offer.

  • No more paying for costly advertisements
  • No more waiting around for potential buyers
  • Prompt payment

Cash for 4WD Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba…

Cash for 4WD Brisbane is an online portal that helps customers to connect with Scrap Metal Buyers, Free Car Removal, Cash for Scrap Cars & Towing services based in Brisbane.

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Looking for cash for car removal? Want a 4×4 wrecker to tow away your truck now? Need a van removed? Want to sell your old car for cash? Our car and truck dismantlers offer a FREE pick up from anywhere in Queensland so call us to find out more.

Cash for 4WD Brisbane are fully equipped and well experienced with how to handle your vehicle, If your vehicle is stuck anywhere, then need not worry just give us a call and we will be there to help you. We acknowledge the quality of the service is more important than anything else, especially when it comes to the needs of our customers.  Cash for 4WD Brisbane will assist you with all the legal documentation for disposing of your Scrap vehicle, no matter in which condition and can guide you with your number plate disposal or you can get help from VIC Roads.

Cash for 4WD Brisbane Are the Leading 4×4 Dismantlers in Brisbane

Our services: Scrap Cars, Scrap Cars, Unwanted Cars, Damaged Cars, Junk Cars, Free Car Removals, Junk or Old Car Removals, Cash for Scrap Cars, Car Wreckage Removal, Salvage Cars, etc.

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Don’t trade in without a quote from 4×4 Wreckers Melbourne – you may not be getting your best price!

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