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At Broken Car Collection, we see your junk as our treasure, which is why we pay you a generous cash-in-hand amount when you call us for our FREE car body removal service in Brisbane.

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Cancelling your Vehicle's Registration

Auto Parts Recyclers

Need Recycled or Rebuilt Car Parts?

Try Auto Parts Recyclers in Brisbane

Auto Parts Recyclers

cash for cars Brisbane buy used cars, we sell used cars, and we sell used car parts at Brisbane Auto Wreckers. For over 15 years, our family-owned business has provided Brisbane residents with the opportunity to buy inexpensive cars and car parts. If you need recycled auto parts for nearl y any make and model, we’re the Qld car wreckers you can count on.

Why Choose Auto Parts Recyclers Yard?

We make finding parts and rebuilding cars as convenient as possible. If you need a particular part, you can look it up in our inventor y to see if we carry it. Even if we don’t, you can request the part and we’ll do our best to find it for you. However, we have a very large selection of parts, so we’re confident we have the piece you need. And if you remove the parts yourself, you save up to 70% on your purchase.

We also have a large selection of used cars available if you are looking to rebuild. We sell our cars at heavily discounted prices-most of them aren’t fit to drive, but will provide you with a rewarding hands-on project and a new car at a low price.

We carry over 50,000 parts in stock, or you can save some money and pull your own parts from the thousands of used auto parts and truck parts!

Auto Parts Recyclers carry  all types of used auto parts and truck parts like Engines, Fuel Pumps, Speedometer, Fuel Tanks, Steering Gear Box, Steering Wheels, Suspension Arms , Brake Drums, Radios, Sun Roof, Hoods, Fenders, Doors, Tail Lights, Wheels, Tires, Wheel Lugs, Hub Caps, Seats, Alternators, Starters, Head Lamps, Tail Lights, Door Lamps, Turn Signals, Fog Lamps, Dashboard Assembly, Grilles, Wheel Covers, Engine Splash Shields, Axles, Transmissions, Distributors, Calipers, Radiators, Bumpers, Cylinder Heads, Window Motors, Rack & Pinions, AC Compressors and much more!!!

Let Us Make You an Offer…We Pay Top Dollar$$$$

Don’t let your old car sit around gathering rust, recycle your unwanted vehicle for cold hard cash.

We recycle thousands of cars each and every year and we do so to the highest of environmental standards. So if you have a vehicle and want to sell it for cash give Auto Parts Recyclers a call at 1300 854 685. Drop in today to talk to us about recycling your unwanted vehicle. We can even arrange for vehicle pick-up. Call or stop in today for a quote.

Email us with the Make, Model, Year, Location, and a brief description of your vehicle and we will make you an Offer.

Have Questions?

If you live in Brisbane greater area, we would love to hear from you. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or rebuild a car, we have the resources for you. We’re dedicated to finding you the right parts for your car at a price you can afford. Call us today!

Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8 am – 14 pm (except holiday weekends)

Telephone… 0413 645 043   

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Cash for cars Brisbane provides free car removal service in Gold coast, Sunshine coast, Toowoomba, Gatton, Ipswich, Caboolture, Logan

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